What can they do?

A better question might be, What can’t they do ? Here are just a few possibilities. Let your imagination run wild.

Winery:  A QR Code on a wine bottle or restaurant  menu could take a customer directly to a mobile optimized QRBucket webpage that shows more information about the wine.  It could provide tasting notes, wine rating information, food pairing suggestions, stockist details and even list other wines in your range.  It could provide details about your cellar door hours and location or include a link to your winery home page where a customer could find the history of your winery or any other information you may have.

Restaurant: A restaurant could use a QR Code in all their print advertising (Newspaper, Flyers, Stickers, Business cards etc) that when scanned could provide a complete Up-To-Date downloadable menu directly from your QRBucket web page.  A QR Code can also be used to simply add all your business details directly into the contacts list in the phone. (No Typing Required)

After Sales: A QR Code could be placed on physical products that when scanned could provide an instructional video or manual on the assembly, care and maintenance of the product they have purchased, warranty information etc Hosted on your QRBucket webpage.  This could greatly reduce the demand for after sales service or could even be used to “Value Add”.  Eg a QR Code on a microwave could lead to a recipe page,  or a code on a game console could lead to information about new release games etc.

Events:  A QR Code on an event poster could be used to automatically add the event information directly into the users smartphone calendar or direct them to your QRBucket event page for more information, directions.

QR Codes have been used on everything from T-shirts, Stubbie Holders, Key Rings and Tattoos to Gravestones, Entire Buildings and even icing on a cake, and they don’t HAVE to be 2 dimensional. Some other examples include a QR Code made of different plants and flowers, A 3D sculpture that casts a QR Code shadow at a certain time of the day and a QR Code on a beer glass that only works when it’s full of guiness. There have been some VERY inventive uses of QR Codes limited only by the imagination.