Why do I need them ?

QR Codes can help deliver the information that consumers want and provide a fast, dynamic and cost effective way for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service providers to provide it.  Weather that is to provide more information for a product, display a demonstration video, enter a competition or even get directions to your venue, the possibilities are endless.

QR code use is growing rapidly worldwide and according to research 100% of smartphone users will go online at least once every single day.  QR codes are an ideal way of directing your mobile market exactly where you want them to go and see the message that you want them to see.

While QR codes are everywhere over seas they are still very much in their infancy in Australia and as such the “curiosity” factor is still a major influence here.  NOW is the time to take full advantage of this curiosity factor before the market is completely flooded with them and the novelty of QR Codes wears off.  Even after the novelty wears off however, QR Codes will still be an extremely valuable part of any print media marketing campaign. Lead the way and get your’s today and take full advantage of the Australian curiosity factor.